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Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: The Cooking Pot is a vital tool in the popular survival game ARK: Survival Evolved. It allows players to create a variety of culinary delights that provide nourishment and offer unique benefits. Whether you’re looking to boost your stats, increase your resistance to environmental effects, or simply enjoy a delicious meal, the Cooking Pot has you covered. In this article, we’ll explore some recipes for the Cooking Pot that will enhance your gameplay and make your survival journey even more enjoyable.

Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Table of Contents

  1. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Introduction to the Cooking Pot
  2. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Basic Recipes for Sustenance
  3. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Recipes for Stat Boosts
  4. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Recipes for Environmental Resistance
  5. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Specialty Recipes for Unique Effects
  6. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Conclusion
  7. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: FAQs

1. Recipes Ark Cooking Pot: Introduction to the Cooking Pot

The Cooking Pot is a crafting station in ARK: Survival Evolved that allows players to create a variety of consumable items. It is commonly used to cook food, brew beverages, and create special concoctions that provide buffs and benefits to the player character. To use the Cooking Pot, players need to gather the necessary ingredients and place them inside the pot, along with a fuel source such as wood or thatch, to initiate the cooking process.

2. Basic Recipes for Sustenance

The Cooking Pot is primarily used to prepare food that provides sustenance to the player character. These basic recipes help replenish hunger and provide a source of nutrition. Some common recipes include:

  • Cooked Meat: Raw meat cooked in the Cooking Pot provides a higher food value and removes the risk of food poisoning.
  • Cooked Fish: Similar to Cooked Meat, this recipe uses fish instead and provides a different flavor profile.
  • Vegetable Stew: A combination of various vegetables and meat, this recipe offers a balanced source of nutrients.
  • Lazarus Chowder: A special stew that reduces the player character’s need for oxygen, making it ideal for underwater exploration.

3. Recipes for Stat Boosts

Certain recipes in the Cooking Pot can provide temporary stat boosts, enhancing the player character’s abilities for a limited time. These recipes are especially useful during challenging encounters or when exploring dangerous areas. Some examples include:

  • Focal Chili: This spicy dish increases movement speed and provides a boost to stamina regeneration.
  • Calien Soup: A refreshing soup that grants increased hypothermal insulation, making it easier to withstand cold environments.
  • Enduro Stew: A hearty stew that boosts both stamina and health regeneration, allowing for prolonged activity without tiring.

4. Recipes for Environmental Resistance

In the harsh environments of ARK: Survival Evolved, it’s essential to have recipes that can increase the player character’s resistance to various environmental effects. These recipes can provide protection against extreme temperatures, poisonous gases, and other hazards. Examples include:

  • Medical Brew: This potent beverage restores health and provides resistance against certain venomous creatures.
  • Sweet Vegetable Cake: A unique recipe that increases insulation and provides resistance against heat, making it useful in hot climates.
  • Shadow Steak Saute: This savory dish grants night vision and increases movement speed during nighttime, offering an advantage in dark areas.

5. Specialty Recipes for Unique Effects

The Cooking Pot also offers specialty recipes that provide unique effects or benefits. These recipes are often more complex and require rarer ingredients, but the results can be highly rewarding. Some notable examples include:

  • Mindwipe Tonic: A powerful concoction that resets all engrams and allows the player character to reallocate their attribute points.
  • Battle Tartare: A high-level recipe that provides a significant boost to melee damage and reduces the rate at which the player character loses food and water.

6. Conclusion

The Cooking Pot in ARK: Survival Evolved is a versatile tool that allows players to create a wide range of consumable items with various benefits. From basic recipes for sustenance to specialty recipes that provide stat boosts and environmental resistance, the Cooking Pot offers a wealth of options to enhance gameplay and survival. Experiment with different recipes, gather rare ingredients, and discover the culinary secrets that ARK has to offer.


  1. Q: Where can I find the Cooking Pot in ARK: Survival Evolved?
    • A: The Cooking Pot can be crafted using the appropriate engram, which is typically unlocked at higher levels. Consult the game’s crafting menu for the required materials and crafting recipe.
  2. Q: Can I cook multiple recipes simultaneously in the Cooking Pot?
    • A: No, the Cooking Pot can only cook one recipe at a time. Once a recipe is complete, you can start cooking another one by adding the necessary ingredients and fuel.
  3. Q: Are there any special recipes that require specific DLC content?
    • A: Yes, some specialty recipes may require specific DLC content or expansions. Be sure to check the requirements and availability of ingredients before attempting to craft these recipes.
  4. Q: Can I store cooked food in the Cooking Pot?
    • A: No, the Cooking Pot is primarily used for crafting and cooking. However, once cooked, you can transfer the food to your inventory or dedicated storage containers for later use.
  5. Q: Are there any recipes that provide long-lasting effects or buffs?
    • A: Most recipes in the Cooking Pot provide temporary buffs or effects that last for a limited duration. Be sure to consume them before engaging in challenging activities or encounters.

With these recipes for the Cooking Pot in ARK: Survival Evolved, you can enhance your gameplay experience by preparing a variety of delicious and beneficial items. Explore the culinary possibilities, experiment with different ingredients, and enjoy the advantages that these recipes bring to your survival journey.

In conclusion, the Cooking Pot in ARK: Survival Evolved opens up a world of culinary opportunities. From basic sustenance to stat boosts, environmental resistance, and specialty effects, the recipes created in the Cooking Pot can greatly enhance your survival experience in the game. So, gather your ingredients, fire up the Cooking Pot, and savor the benefits of these delicious concoctions.

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